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Default it gets easier

I got the nforce2 audio working for cd's by compiling a new kernel, linux-2.6.0-test6, with the alsa audio options including "emulate oss"

gnome-alsamixer and grip work with cd's

grip works with esd

I'm choosing esd-compatbile packages that have esd in the package name or mention esd.

realplayer8 with 9(One) codecs has a checkbox for esd-compatibility in the options

so far I'm not hearing anything in realplayer

Some apps including realplayer look for /dev/dsp so to get that to show up I installed alsautils. That sucked in alsa-modules and alsa-base since debconfig can't tell I have alsa in the kernel, so I just said no to questions about running alsa modules at startup, and ended up with two things I wanted. One, I got the /dev/dsp, and two, I got alsactl, an app that automatically(as debian installs it in /etc/init.d/alsa startup script) stores
my mixer settings on shutdown.

Since I use devfs, if you don't know you don't need to know, I had to make the following entries in /etc/devfs/compat_symlinks--


I still don't have sound in realplayer, which says "can't find host unix"

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Default cd cable

Also to simplify from what I said earlier, I took out the Creative card which was just confusing for you and me both, so I just have the cd cable going to the motherboard connector for the nvidia nforce2 audio, and that works to play cd's.

The problem there was solved by compiling a kernel with alsa audio drivers having "oss emulation". That put /dev/snd/pcm* in and things find them for audio cd playback. If a cd seems to be playing but no sound is coming out, then you probably need to run a mixer app and un-mute and turn the volume up.

/dev/dsp didn't show up for other apps until I installed alsautils, alsabase, not using those binary modules in those packages because I have later code in the kernel for alsa, but some of the startup scripting for alsa makes /dev/dsp.

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Default ln -s sound/dsp2 /dev/dsp

I had audio working for cd's now it works for realplayer and mplayer.

The critical steps were to get alsa in the kernel, get alsa "null mixer" in there, too, because esd just had to find a card0 pcmC0D0p and my nforce2 audio is really card0 card1 and card2.
Also "emulate oss" had to be in alsa.

mplayer required
echo 1024 > /proc/sys/dev/rtc/max-user-frequency
ln -s /dev/misc/rtc /dev/rtc
but mplayer still can't use /dev/misc/rtc
but mplayer will "usleep" instead which is OK


REGISTER snd/.* PERMISSIONS root.audio 660
REGISTER sound/.* PERMISSIONS root.audio 660
REGISTER sndstat PERMISSIONS root.audio 660

And finally the BIG deal
rm /dev/dsp
ln -s sound/dsp2 /dev/dsp

THAT got non-CD sound working everywhere.
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Default typo

I spelled MKOKDCOMPAT which is

I you don't have devfs you don't need that.
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