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Default Best upgrade route?

As you know I was debating about building a new system but fell pray to a new TV...

So now I am looking for some input on what I could upgrade on my current system to get another year or so out of it, or should I just wait until I have the cash to build something new...

The meat of my current system is
Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe
Athlon X2 4200+
4x 512mb PC 3200
BFG 7600 GT OC x 2
Sound Blaster Audigy

Most stuff I play now works fine, I am considering a HDD upgrade as a minimum, for mine are old and small now.

As always thanks in advance for the input.

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Default Re: Best upgrade route?

You could really use a video card upgrade.

A 4200+ is definitely going to heavily bottleneck most modern graphics cards, but there are plenty of cards that will give you a massive performance increase over 7600GT SLI.

I'd get something like a 4870 1Gb, GTX 260 or 5770 in the ~$150 range. You'll get a massive boost in most cases and you'll have a ton of head room later on when you can upgrade the rest of the system.

If you really aren't having too many performance problems right now you could probably hold off for when you can do a larger upgrade... but still, any of the cards I mentioned would give you a substantial performance increase (3 to 4 times the graphics power I'd say) even with your CPU bottleneck.
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bob saget
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Default Re: Best upgrade route?

then hen u do upgrade, go for the i7 cpu or the equivalent.
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Default Re: Best upgrade route?

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