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Default Getting rid of/bypassing offline O&O Defrag.. Fixes not working. Help, please!

Hey all,

I'm not sure if people tend to check the Stickied threads (I know I tend to) so thought I'd repost into my own thread.
I really need help on this issue, so am sorry if it's too much. Admins please delete if needs.

My original post:

In regards to;
Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
Heads up

O&O Defrag 11, don't use/try boottime defrag, will not work

What will happen is computer will be stuck in black screen, and will never get to login screen.

workaround, if you get stuck in black screen. hard reboot, go to safe mode. In safe mode disable O&O service. Then boot into normal mode, then turn the service back on, and disable boot time defrag.
Hey all,

Apologies, first time poster here. I registered as I am at a dead end and your forum seems to be the most intelligent that I have read.

Nekrosoft, I am having the problem you detailed with O&O Defrag in offline mode and I followed your instructions; I went in via Safemode, went to Run -> services.msc and set O&O Defrag (there was only one option that I could see) to Manual.
I then rebooted and get the same black screen of nothingness.
I then tried setting it to Disabled, still get the black screen.

Choosing 'Last Known' through Safemode still warrants the black screen.

I cannot go in and uninstall O&O in Safemode, obviously... Well that I know how to anyways (was going through Control Panel -> Programs).

I'm going nuts here, with no idea of what to do next to get my PC running as per normal, and have a bundle of photography work I need to be working on..!!

If anyone could offer any help please, it would be MUCH appreciated!

Windows 7 64bit. O&O Defrag 11.5+.
Am happy to just uninstall O&O and be done with it if that would work.

Hell, can I go in via command prompt and just delete the O&O directory? Or would that just create more problems?

Thanks all. Please ask any questions you think necessary.



Original thread:

Thanks all for any help. I reeeeally need to get into the PC without having to format.. >.<

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Default Re: Getting rid of/bypassing offline O&O Defrag.. Fixes not working. Help, please!


SOLVED. Finally.

I was put on to SafeMSI (safemsi.exe) which activated Windows Services, which in turn allowed me to uninstall O&O. Or similar such.

http://windowsitpro.com/article/arti...safe-mode.html for the link for any who need similar help.
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