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Default CENTOS 5.4: when running NVIDIA install, get "unable to find the kernel source tree"

We recently used yum updates to install CENTOS 5.4 (kernel-2.6.18-164.11.1.el5).

We have a dual head monitor so this meant reconfiguring the NVIDIA settings.

I edited inittab so that Xwin would not run (since the NVIDIA installer will not run within Xwin).

I downloaded a fresh installer (NVIDIA-Linux-x86-190.53-pkg1.run) into /root/Desktop, rebooted.

Logged in as root, ran that executable, selected "accept" on the licence question, and got this message:

"Unable to find the kernel source tree for the currently running kernel
... On Redhat for example, please ensure you have kernel-devel or
kernel-source RPM installed. If you know the current kernel source files
are installed you may specify the kernel source path with the
--kernel-source-path command line option." , then "error, installation
failed, please see file /var/log/nvidia-installer.log"

I checked that the devel and kernel were installed using rpm -qa |grep kernel: both were there.

I did a search for rpms, they were in /var/cache/yum/updates/packages and /var/cache/yum/base/packages. I tried the installer again, using the --kernel-source-path option and specifying those pathnames (in turn).

This told me it was looking for kernel.h files, and that if I specify
/XXXX as the ksp it will look for /XXXX/include/linux/kernel.h. So I did
a search for those, found them in /root/install/include/linux/. When I
ran the installer specifying that kernel source path, received a new
message "Unable to determine the version of the kernel sources located
at /root/install."

Also tried using an nvidia installer that was a few months old
(NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.51-pkg1.run), but the results were the same apart
from the fact that there was an intermediate step where in contacted the
nvidia website for updates.

So, I am not sure what path name it is after (or whether or not this is indeed the problem).

Please advise. Thanks.
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