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I have resolved... withexport CC=/usr/bin/gcc-2.95. .
Then I have
installed NVIDIA.run and has compiled the kernel alone. I do not know
the meant one of export... you can say it to me? Thanks for the
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"export" tells the shell to set that variable for the current shell, and all subshells. If you don't use export (if you just say CC=/usr/bin/gcc-2.95), then the variable only gets set for the current shell.

You need it set in child shells too, because the run file either spawns a shell itself, or you spawn one, when you do sh filename. The "sh" is a new shell.
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Thanks for everything ... you have been very kind
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Default Easy method...

Instead of telling where the CC is, you could simply do the following (as root)

$ env IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH=1 ./nvidia-installer
(that is when you unpacked the package, otherwise, use sh NVIDIA-... instead of ./nvidia-...

It worked for me (Knoppix 3.3)
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Unless you're very sure of what you're doing, you should always compile kernel modules with the same version of compiler as you did the rest of the kernel.

The kernel is very sensitive to which version of gcc is used to compile it. For 2.4.x the only safe version is gcc 2.95.x (x>= 3).

For 2.6.x, gcc 3.3.1 has given me no problems, but few people are running that kernel yet
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