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Default please explain vdpau.h vdpau_x11.h

HI all,

I have two identical systems (Software) I have glx versions on both 195.36.08 from JYA's repos.

In compiling and make xbmc the other day I get a make error that it cannot find vdpau_x11.h in /usr/include/vdpau.

and try a locate and ofcourse the file is not there.

I have libvdpau1, libvdpau-dev, 195-libvdpau, 195-kernel-sources installed I tried reverting to 185 same scenario.

If I remove the glx drivers and install from pkg 195.36.03 it finds the file and builds xbmc ok.

on the other machine. same glx drivers, if I run a locate on vdpau_x11.h it does find it in /usr/include/vdpau, but if I actually look in the directory the only file in there is vdpau.h

What am I doing wrong. to fix I just dropped vdpau_x11.h in the /usr/include/vdpau directory to get it to build for the time being. I would really like to know what is happening though.


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Default Re: please explain vdpau.h vdpau_x11.h

If you're using packages for libvdpau and the NVIDIA driver, you should contact the provider of those packages (or a distribution forum) for installation support. It sounds to me like your package database got corrupt, and the system isn't installing all the files in the packages for some reason.

Just to be clear, whether you install using our .run installer, or a package, and whether you get libvdpau from the NVIDIA driver or the open-source libvdpau package, both vdpau.h and vdpau_x11.h should always be present in /usr/include/vdpau.
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