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polygons are fun!
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UT2003 hmm interesting graphics but I'm still to see real leawes (sp?) on the trees wiggling with the wind, wasnt the T&L unit in GF256 promising that

Anyway, just wanto open your mind about the taunts in Ut2003; they are childish, or "fjortiss" as we here in norway call it (fourteen-year-old-intelligence). Things like "and stay down," "you bleed better than you shoot" and "next" is cheap and pretty un-intelligent.

Let me compare to the Quake 3 arena (not Team Arena mind you) where they instead talk a little more mature: "I amied for your brain - impossible hit" and "that toe-fungus came up from behind and grabbed me." There are much more and better but I dont remember them, the sad thing is Team Arean stopped this and started using cheap, cheesy and childish taunts like UT and now UT2003. Pitty.
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Are you talking about the demo or did you get the full game already Shadowcast? Then again, I don't see your processor specs anywhere, so maybe you have one hunka hardware driving the Ti. My XP2100+ overclocked at 1845 isn't enough to keep the video card stoked well with all details maxed out during real matches (but the card is more than capable, based on the flyby results). Oh well, at least now I have justification for the processor part of my coming upgrade (this spring), and possibly, depending on how it performs with AA and aniso at quincunx / 4x respectively with a new proc and this video card at highest details in real play, I'll be able to justify the nV30 / R3x0 too. (Okay, so I'll probably have he nV30, but I'll still consider whatever else is around when I upgrade, because, as usual, my $$ spent will need to be able to keep me happy for at least another year after the upgrade's complete)
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