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Mr. Hunt
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Default Re: Crazy March 2010

Ok you listed most of the bad games... where are the good ones? Only one you listed I give a crap about is Just Cause 2... the other two are on console (FFXIII and GoW 3 ).

Still not sure why people are so excited for Metro 2033 especially.
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Default Re: Crazy March 2010

So many games, so little disk space. I only have 312GB left on my 2TB array. I can't transfer over to a larger array since MBR only supports 2TB.
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Default Re: Crazy March 2010

Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
Yea i bought two games this month. Unheard of!!
I bought 3

assassins creed 2, BF Bad company 2 LE, Aliens v predator Hunter edition

looking forward to Just cause 2 (fun demo)

but since i started play AC2, i have not played bad company again i will though as thats a great game but AC2 is addictive with a great story (when it works with the DRM)
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