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Stephen Warren
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Default Re: Lockup Using VDPAU on F12

aronparsons, you mentioned that this problem occurs on just one of your systems. The system with the 8500GT is a "VDPAU feature set A" GPU, whereas the Revo is a "VDPAU feature set B" GPU, which probably explains the differences.

As danix mentioned, we have tried to repro this on F12 and failed. It's possible that the specific version of XBMC you're using is triggering some condition that the driver has trouble recovering from. Can you please describe exactly which SVN revision of XBMC you're using, so that we can try that? Also, any configure options, the source of any external libraries that XBMC uses (e.g. 3rd-party repositories, or built locally from source, ...) would be helpful.

It's also possible that the problem is triggered only by some condition specific to the video files you're playing, even if multiple files are causing problems for you. Can you please upload a clip that does cause the problem to our file drop (please see sticky post in this forum).

Thanks again.
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Default Re: Lockup Using VDPAU on F12


Here is the RPM I'm currently running on both boxes. It depends on packages from RPMFusion's free and non-free repositories. It's the 9.11 release with some patches for packaging, nothing that touches the audio/video code. If you need/want the SRPM, let me know; it's based on an early version of the RPM that is just making its way into RPMFusion.

I will try to find a clip that can reliably reproduce the problem and update the post when it's available.
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Default Re: Lockup Using VDPAU on F12

I uploaded a file called "aronparsons-sample.mkv" to the SFTP server. The timecode when it occurs is not consistent.

Here are my software versions this time:

The NVIDIA packages from are RPMFusion and the XBMC package is the one I linked to above.
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