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Default $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

Source: Player Purchased a Virtual Egg for $69,696.00 USD

Can you believe that? A virtual Egg can be sold for a stunning $69,696.00 USD. It just happened in Planet Calypso, a MMOG that used to announce the sale of a Space Station for $330,000. Sequence of the Egg sale is as follow:

Jon "NEVERDIE" Jacobs held a public auction Sunday, inside Planet Calypso, and sold the Virtual Egg to David Storey aka Deathifier. Deathifier owns "Treasure Island" in the game, a tax generating Virtual World Destination. NEVERDIE purchased the Virtual Egg for $10,000 USD in 2006 from a gamer who completed a unique quest. The Final Chapter in the Egg's History has yet to be written as thousands of players speculate what will actually hatch from the it and if it will be worth the extraordinary price tag.
$330,000 for a virtual Space Station! $69,696.00 for a virtual Egg! Are they insane?
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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

Nope, just laundering money
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this won't hurt a bit
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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item


I hope when they open it, its just a virtual puppy that pisses on your carpet :P
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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

Actually, I bet it doesnt do anything, its prolly a static object with no code attached.
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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

Its better to buy something virtual rather than... GIVE THSOE MONEY TO... ANYONE who needs them?

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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

damn rich people..... I hate em because I envy them
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I Derail Threads
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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post

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Default Re: $69,696.00 USD for a virtual item

69696.00 sounds like a bull**** bid to me.
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