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Default Re: 480 on the way. Power worries with 2nd card as Physx ?

Dedicated PhysX always help even with the 480 GTX. Just look at how the 480 does on the Just Cause benchmarks. Framerates go way down once GPU physics is enabled. One 480 alone can't do 60fps on the Concrete Jungle benchmark at 19200x1200 with max settings.

Just stick with the 8800GT for PhysX though. You'll get 0 benefit from using the 280GTX instead but significantly more heat and power draw. I've benched multiple times with the 280GTX, 8800GTX and 9800 GT as a PhysX card and the results are always the same. My guess is that PhysX just doesn't stress the cards enough because they aren't doing any graphical rendering at all.
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Default Re: 480 on the way. Power worries with 2nd card as Physx ?

To all of those saying a GTX 480 is powerful enough to render games and run physx at the same time... you do know that people getting a 480 are likely doing so because they try to push the settings as high as they can go. There may be some games where just a 480 is fine for both. But what about Metro 2033 and other upcoming releases? You really need all the performance you can get out of games like that and no doubt lifting physx from its workload helps out.
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Default Re: 480 on the way. Power worries with 2nd card as Physx ?

The 8800gt is going back in when I get home at 5:30 est. I will rebench and post shortly after.
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