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Default X3 Terran Conflict updated to 2.6

Blurb from the Egosoft website:

"It seems like a very long time indeed since Terran Conflict Update 2.5 arrived and for hard-core players of the game it's probably been too long! Don't worry though - the wait is now over and we can assure you that your patience will be rewarded. Every time we thought we were ready to release Update 2.6, another feature came along which was too irresistable to leave out.

Update 2.6 features the long-awaited New Home missions, which promises to be quite an adventure for those who like their THINK missions. This project has been developed by members of our own community and after a period of testing and evaluation is ready to be shared with the wider Terran Conflict-playing world.

Terran Conflict Update 2.6 also brings the introduction of Steam Achievements. We have been working with our partners at Valve and Steam to bring the achievement system to Terran Conflict and once again members of our own DevNet Community have been instrumental in their development and testing. Those of you who don't play the game through Steam need not worry about being left out. With Update 2.6, we are pleased to announce that all users with a valid registration key for the DVD version of X3: Terran Conflict will be able to register with Steam and download that version of the game FOR FREE! You too will then be able to enjoy the benefits of Steam gaming, including Achievements.

One other feature that our work with STEAM has made possible will soon be available to players of that version. Although it hasn't been possible to include it in this Update, we are pleased to announce that in a coming update STEAM players will be able to choose a Dead-is-Dead gamestart, which takes advantage of STEAM technology. Keep an eye out for that!

Concurrent with the release of Update 2.6 is the long-awaited arrival of the X3: Terran Conflict Bonus Pack. This favourite fixture of previous X titles will offer some of your favourite script plugins, developed by members of the community and which have also undergone rigorous testing and our robust 'script signing process'. Among the more popular scripts to be made available in the Bonus Pack are the Commercial Agent and the Commodity Logistics Software.

Update 2.6 not only introduces new features. As is the norm, a lot of work has gone into addressing some of the issues that have been brought to our attention, such as issues with sector traders, the missing wares for sale at the Goner Temple, weapon information displays for ships with only missile turrets and also some missions have been tweaked. We have also made some improvements to graphics rendering which should give an increase in game performance.

As always we'd like to thank our loyal army of community members, testers and volunteer developers for their contribution to making this Update the success we hope it will be."

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Default Re: X3 Terran Conflict updated to 2.6

Very nice! I added my product key in Steam and now I can be lazy and not have to walk back and forth between the shelf and computer when I want to install the game. That's one of my favourite features in Steam actually.
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