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Originally posted by thcdru2k
plus, i understand the pain your going through trying to upgrade that pentium 3. stupid intel won't lower their prices. its still $100 bucks for a 1ghz coppermine. i've been wanting to upgrade my pIII for ages, but for 100 bucks, might as well get a cheap xp 1500+/mb combo.
That's the problem, though

Now mobo means new CPU

and ram

... and Raid controller

... and power supply

... and cooling.

See, it's REALLY a lot more expensive.

I dunno, got any links to a cumine 1gig?

i know one shop here and they want $400 cdn
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I'll pm you with the full details momentarily.
Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on...
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the cheapest i could find was a $100 1gig 133mhz coppermine from googlegear.com. don't use raid, i use cheap 15 dollar volcano 7, my powersupply is still amd compatible. so i wouldn't have ur problems. thats kinda why i'm hesitant to buy the $100 coppermine, because for just $30-$50 more, i got another decent athlon xp system. i really wish intel would just drop the prices ffs.

amd for 53 bucks you got a 1.4ghz xp.

intel for 54 bucks you get a 1.1ghz celeron.

grr intel is so ****ty on the prices.
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I would't start bashing Intel about those prices. I honestly don't think it's their fault, rather the venders who don't want to lose money on the product. Take the high end Tbirds for example, a 1.4 would cost you nearly $100 too. AMD's pricing hasn't affected them at all. Now I understand there's a big difference between a $100 for a 1Ghz Cumine and a 1.4 Tbird but they are both the high end of the latter days. I wanted an upgrade and was stuck between a $100 1.4 Tbird that was sure to work in my computer, or a $54 XP 1600+ that wasn't guarenteed to work in my computer. $100 bucks for that 1.4 is outragous... I took my chances with the XP.
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