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Default Freeze then loss of peripherals using Firefox (ubuntu 2.6.24-27-server nv 195.36.15)

I have a system that I mainly use as a server. I have never had any problems when using terminals or editors or any other desktop tools. However on occasion when running Firefox the system will freeze for about 15 seconds then return with no functionality. Typically the hang occurs on loading pages with flash or video. After the freeze I can still select a terminal and change windows. From the terminal I can see that there are no commands available as all the disks have gone. No new applications can be started. My web server no longer responds as it cannot access the file system/database. The only option at this point is to reboot and hope my disk recovers.

This system A-N78HD with NVIDIA GeForce8200(MCP78S) has been stable for almost two years. Previously I had a VGA monitor running on the nvidia driver 173.14.12 with no problems. I upgraded to a DVI monitor and performed a kernel update along with fetching the latest nvidia drivers 195.36.15. Since my upgrades the system has been experiencing this problem. I can find no evidence of the reason for the freeze/hang in any of the system logs (No disk no log updates).

Sometimes I can run firefox for a week before the hang and sometimes just a few minutes. One thing that confuses me is that the new drivers report my graphics card to be a GeForce8300 but itís not. I have attached the nvidia-bug-report.log although I am unable to run it immediately after issue has occurred.

Please can someone help?
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Default Re: Freeze then loss of peripherals using Firefox (ubuntu 2.6.24-27-server nv 195.36.

Look and ask in the Xorg freedesktop bugzilla and mailing list.

edit: I mean in additon to ... you may want to look for information in the Xorg bugzilla/mailing list for any similar issues.
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Default Re: Freeze then loss of peripherals using Firefox (ubuntu 2.6.24-27-server nv 195.36.

I have spent a few months searching forums trying to find similar problems. The only things that come close are a couple of years old.

Given that my system is an integrated nforce motherboard and my symptom is a hw lock-up I thought that this was the best place to post. More specifically I thought it was a bad rendering command that caused the southbridge to become un-accessible. Are you suggesting the issue does not lie with the nv hw or nv drivers?

What about the latest driver reporting a Geforce8300 when my moboard has a and old drivers report a Geforce8200?

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