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Default Composite, VSync, VDPAU, and Twinview status?

I've Googled around and I've read the VDPAU and Composite sections of the recent NVidia README but I haven't been able to find a summary of the status of Composite versus VSync. I know that for a long time I had to choose either Composite or VSync but I seem to remember reading somewhere that eventually we will be able to have Composite plus VSync. I'm not complaining, I just want to know the status so I can plan accordingly.

1) Is it possible to have Composite + VSync + VDPAU + Twinview? If so, what drivers and what chips are required?

2) If this combination is not possible now, are there plans to make it possible in the future?

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Stephen Warren
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Default Re: Composite, VSync, VDPAU, and Twinview status?


We hope to eventually allow use of the overlay-based presentation queue (which will completely eliminate tearing, i.e. will have perfect sync-to-vblank) with the X composite extension enabled, but without a compositing manager running. This is within NVIDIA's direct control. This would allow tear-free VDPAU simply by disabling/enabling compiz at run-time, rather than having to edit ones xorg.conf and restart X. This feature is rising in our development priorities, but I certainly can't conjecture if/when this will be implemented at present.

Many of the issues that occur with a compositing manager running are outside NVIDIA's direct control, and in some cases, there is no technical possibility of a solution with the current X architecture.
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Default Re: Composite, VSync, VDPAU, and Twinview status?

Hi Steven,

I'dlike to add my voice to the requirement to have VBlank working with composie enabled. I can cope with temporarily disabling compiz while I watch a video (this is easily automated), but not with having to restart X (which is a pain in the neck).

I bought Nvidia hardware for the VDPAU support (which is fab btw), but was sorely disappointed when I realised it couldn't do composite at the same time.

Anything I can do to help raise its priority / offer testing services etc?

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