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Default Re: 495's release next quarter........

95C is flippin' hot. I believe 470s start to throttle @ that temp.

The worst I've seen is 83/78C in games with SLi, that's with auto fan settings.

The GTX 295s seemed to be cooler in the second revision.


It's possible 2 470 GPUs could be done like that and I doubt you'd be able to OC them much.
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Default Re: 495's release next quarter........

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Yeh... I'd like to see it too.

I find it hard to believe they'd include anything specifically dedicated to physx on an already hot and cramped dual-card configuration. Not to mention you have enough power between those 2 GF100 cores to pretty much forget about needing a physx card until games start to stress your system out again in 3-4 years.

To my knowledge there was only 1 card ever that had a physx specific gpu on board already (aside from the first Ageia ones). http://www.evga.com/articles/00503/
It's a 275 core with a 250 for physx only.
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Default Re: 495's release next quarter........

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
Well the TDP is another 75W or 33% increase in power. It looks like it's only say a 30 - 40W increase in actual load though. So maybe 15% increase in power.

Here is a chart that MikeC made himself with playing games.

If the temps were under 80C that's okay, but 95C is not.
Wow your runnin way too hot! I can play BC2 all day at 70c with Fan at 70%! So I could get it cooler but anything over 85% fan speed is way too loud. Of course I do have 3 fans blowing in and 3 exhaust and a 120mm moving air around inside the case. They don't really have any good cooling system as of yet for the 480 or 470 that I know of.

Oh ya about this thread. I was talking with a co-worker how it would be cool if they had a 495 series card come out with a Phyxs Processing unit on it just for Physxs. On that not I must have left myself looged in and he posted this. Long story short as of now there is no 495's coming out. Sorry guys.....
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