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Post Playing the Game Blur in Stereoscopic 3D Mode with 3D Vision

The game Blur is now available and as I've written some time ago this is one of the titles for this summer that we all had high hopes for good results in stereoscopic 3D, and although it is a bit better than Split Second that also came out a few days ago, Blur is still not completely problem free when played in stereo 3D mode. Blur is yet another game game developed for console and ported for PC gamers, so the the default controls are a bit weird and you don't get good graphic options that will allow you to have finer control over the graphic details and effects in the gameā?¦

The game Blur uses quite a lot of bright blue and white colors on dark backgrounds and that tends to create ghosting, especially if you decide to increase the depth level from the minimum setting. There is also an issue with rendering some lights at correct depth, and you can notice lighter halos around objects (the cars for example), especially if you increase the depth level a bit more than the minimum. And due to the lack of options to control the graphic details and effects and just having a quality level slider with a few levels, you'll have to go to the lowest graphic settings to get rid of the halos, but this also makes the game graphics look way too simple, so it is not an option.

As I said by default the game needs to be played with the lowest level of depth that 3D Vision supports in order to minimize ghosting and light halos around objects, you can however tweak the convergence level a bit to have a slight pop-out effect, but still with low depth levels. You can try my custom convergence settings below if you wish to as currently thee is still no official 3D Vision profile even in the latest drivers for the game. But other than the ghosting, wrong lights rendering and the 'glowing' halos around objects the game looks quite nice in stereo 3D mode and some people even find how Blur looks in stereo 3D great, but you should be aware that there are still some issues in the S3D mode. Maybe we'll soon get a patch to fix these as the developer seems to be quick on releasing updates for the game, so we'll be able to really enjoy the game in stereo 3D mode without visual issues and with higher depth levelsā?¦

- to download my custom convergence settings for the game Blurā?¦

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