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Default Recommend me a PCI wireless card

At my work computer, I've tried using 2 different USB wireless adaptors but whenever I plug in certain USB devices (like my phone), it disconnects the wireless adaptor for some reason...

So I'm looking to get a pci adaptor. We have gigabit N connections at work so I'd obviously prefer an N adaptor.

I've looked at a few at newegg but this one (despite being nearly twice as much) seems like a solid choice.


I don't mind spending a little more to get a better built product and I know and trust linksys to stay on top of firmware/drivers.

If there are other choices that are just as reliable as far as build quality, driver support and connection reliablity goes, I'm listening.
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Default Re: Recommend me a PCI wireless card

I use that adapter myself and have had no trouble with it. It has native support for Windows 7. If you're using an older version of Windows, use the RT2860 PCI drivers from here rather than what's on the Linksys site. These drivers also work fine on Windows 7 if you want to make sure you're completely up to date on that front.
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