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Default Re: Need help with Halo 3 plot...

Halo on Xbox, when it came out and the variety of things it offered, few if any other games offered that at the time.

The story of Halo 1 developed a cult-level of fandom and that continued into the sequels.

I don't think it's a classic in today's gaming environment, but it was pretty revolutionary for when it came out and it spanked any PS3 1st gen games plus most PC games (the vehicles, weapons, game-play inclusive of melee/nades/enemies/locales/music) was pretty awesome for a console.

The story has meandered a lot since the first game, but I still think the original was awesome and the third wasn't too bad. The 2nd one kind of had a few too many wtf moments.
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Default Re: Need help with Halo 3 plot...

Halo has had a plot, while it runs thin in spots the plot has been reasonably cohesive and with significantly more back story and depth than virtually every other game on the market. In addition to this the quality of each of the games has been consistent all the way through, unlike most games where the quality drops through the floor at certain points. Yes, it is true you can simply run through all the games with blinders on and shoot everything and completely ignore any semblance of story, but in today's market that makes the game better rather than worse.

In addition, Halo has been made by Bungie for years and like Apple they have a cult following.

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