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Default Cannot overclock laptop graphics card


I'm struggling to overclock my 8600m GT in Linux Mint (Ubuntu derivative)...

I've enabled Coolbits but auto detect is greyed out in the X Server Settings, also when I manually change the settings it immediately defaults back.

Is GPU overclocking of laptops disabled on Linux? As I was previously able to with Windows?

I'm using the 256.35 drivers.

Also Nvclock will not adjust settings.

I can however software overclock in Windows, and I suppose if push comes to shove use NiBiTor but i'd prefer not to do this for fear of bricking it!

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris.
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Default Re: Cannot overclock laptop graphics card

What you observe is "normal" for both nvidia-settings and nvclock. I don't remember anyone ever managing to software OC a mobile linux system.

For most people that's probably ok since if you really need that last bit of performance it's usually for a windows game...
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