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Default Re: Well, I'm waiting for the refresh!

In my case,since i own a pair of HD5970's since november of last year,so there's plenty of graphics power for the next couple of years,assuming that game developers pick up the pace and start using DX10~DX11 features more extensively in a way that visually shows the difference right away.

It'll even harder to justify the purchase of even faster graphics cards for the next several years if the actual games themselves don't use these features in an extensive way,so it affects both ATI and Nvidia in the long run.....Showing results in synthetic benchmarks such as 3D mark and the heaven demo,or stone giant only goes so far,as one can't play those,simply watch them...

On a purely technical aspect though,it does make me wonder what ATI and Nvidia will be able to release at 28nm,then 22nm,then maybe even 15nm.....No matter which you pick,they're going to be performance and feature monsters,as that's basically what i do in terms of upgrades,only bothering when there's a new process involved,and the stuff that gets released in between fab processes are simply refreshes of existing GPU architectures with higher clocks and faster memory in most cases.
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