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Default Windows Media Player Problem

I have a network set up between my Dell Dimension 4100 Desktop with OS Windows ME and my Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop with OS Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. When trying to play music brought over from the ME Windows Media Player to the Vista Windows Media Player I find I can not play the music.

I find under properties for the song : Media Usage Rights for this file --- You do not have the rights to play this file. In trying the Personal License Update Wizard for Windows Media Player I obtain DRM 70 to 71.exe Ordinal Not Found. The ordinal 18 could not be located in the dynamic link library DRMClien.DLL.

Please help. Thank you.
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Default Re: Windows Media Player Problem

Yea you will probably have problems going from Win ME to Vista because ME is old and pretty terrible. It would be much easier if you had two Vista machines.

Anyway, try TVersity on the ME machine. That may make it easier to stream media from it. You need WMP 9.0 or greater.

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Default Re: Windows Media Player Problem

ME wasn't designed for DRM.

Or for day to day computing, for that matter. Do yourself a favor and wipe/reload and go to XP or Linux.
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Default Re: Windows Media Player Problem

tip numero uno: keep your music in non-DRM format
Windows 8 the next big failure, right after Windows ME
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Default Re: Windows Media Player Problem

Yap, and if you can. A Lossless format in case you ever need to switch formats, if that isn't an option. MP3 as everything plays MP3. I like Lame encoded VBR myself.
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