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Default MPC-HC SVN Builds

Changes (2284-2305):
Changed PICTURE_STORE::bInUse from int to bool. Patch by sansnom05 ;
Reconnect the OutputPin of the TextPassThru filter when the MediaType changes to notify any upstream filter about the change.;
NEW : Full ICC color management (Little CMS library added);
NEW : Full floating point processing (FP16 temporary textures);
NEW : High-quality dithering (color management, full floating point processing, 10-bit -> 8-bit);
NEW : Option to force 10-bit EVR mixer input (probably hackish, but in many cases it seems to work);
CHANGED: Core rendering code in the DX9AllocatorPresenter class moved to a new class: DX9RenderingEngine;
CHANGED: "10 bit RGB" option changed to "10-bit RGB Output", does not affect internal processing anymore;
CHANGED: Removed unnecessary temporary texture allocations;
FIXED : The EVR mixer output media subtype matches the surface format (as a consequence, it's always RGB);

Some nice new settings for EVR Custom Pres

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