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Probably a corrupted download.
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Okay, I downloaded it again from a different Web site and the same thing happens! WTF?!?!
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I just tried installing the game in Safe Mode and it worked??
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Originally posted by IGx89

vampireuk: when was the last time you played? Before they had PunkBuster a few people had problems, but they added PunkBuster a couple months ago and it seems that everyone in AA-related forums loves PB. The PB team is pretty sneaky too; they sometimes purposely wait a few days before kicking people for a particular hack, thus lulling a lot of people into trying out that hack because it's "undetectable" by PB .
It was before Punkbuster, even with Punkbuster I still wont play after the childishness of the people who were in charge.
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Ok, I finally tracked down email server settings for my old account, plugged them into Outlook, and lo and behold, there's my temp password sitting in my old mailbox (Thank God Ameritech's so dumb they still havent deleted my old account 6 months after I cancelled it ).

2.0 was definitely worth both the wait and the $5.95. The new maps are great, in fact I think SF CSAR may just be the best map yet. Fun as hell. Love the M4 SOPMODs too. Only complaint I have is the ungodly lag on many official servers, but I trust thatll be cleared up soon.

Cant wait to get home and rescue that Black Hawk pilot.
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Cool, glad you got it working.

Csar is a very cool map. The eax HD on that map is awesome. the aircraft fly-by's and artillery sound awesome, better than radio tower.

there are some cool affects in all the maps. Recon is cool also, send up a 203 flare and watch it parachute down and illuminate your enemy so you can pick him off with your acog4x/harris bipod.

I cant wait to see 2.1 and 2.2.

they should flat out rock!
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