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Default Re: Duke Nukem Forever at PAX West 2010

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I just purchased it for my iphone!
nice!! pics or it didnt happen! lol
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Default Re: Duke Nukem Forever at PAX West 2010

Originally Posted by zoomy942 View Post
nice!! pics or it didnt happen! lol
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Default Re: Duke Nukem Forever at PAX West 2010

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
Calling it now - gameplay will be standard FPS with superfluous interactive objects, presentation will be very heavy fan service, and most of us will realize that the Duke character was really not all that cool to begin with (he's just a mixture of action movie cliches and Evil Dead one-liners).

As a far less jaded teenager Duke Nukem 3D was an impressive game to me not only because of the "adult" themes, but also because of the game technology. Whoever it was that said Duke 3D wasn't anything special when it was released must have recently undergone a lobotomy. The Build engine was the most advanced "2.5d" engine around. The character of Duke was amusing because, at the time, I didn't get all the references, and that sort of cheesy not-taking-itself-seriously tone really gave the game a great atmosphere. Still, the game was essentially just a standard early first-person shooter with fun weapons and lots of buttons to push.

The years of hype for DN:F have created a Duke cult of personality. I wonder if this has ever happened before for a fictional character? Anyway, the excitement for the game has always boggled my mind. I was never under the delusion that anything this game offers could meet the expectations people now have, but I have to admit being automatically drawn to any news about it. Years of fake trailers, rumors, more fake trailers, then some real stuff, etc. really elevated the character to this legendary status. What claim to fame does he really have? The only thing worth mentioning in the Duke franchise is Duke 3D. Duke 1&2 were standard platform shooters, and the shovelware crap they released on consoles over the years doesn't even merit consideration.

Duke Nukem is the greatest game ever yet and doesn't afraid of anyone!!
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