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Default Re: Microsoft Raising Price of Xbox Live Gold

Originally Posted by Lyme View Post
I don't make that much money at all, but.

Sure, I concede that between five years ago and now nothing perceivably new has been added to gold membership. Which makes your position more compelling in that they are not justified in increasing the price by any amount, even $0.01.

However we do know that there have been changes/improvements to xbox live over the life of the 360, and regardless of the amount of work/effort/cost incurred the expectation is that these things are done from revenue produced from sales of consoles and games. MS simply in this case is pushing the costs for things such as the dashboard update and others onto those who play online. Plus even though the backend services that MS provides for xbl users doesn't include dedicated servers, they do provide storage for download games, etc.. and while these infrastructure costs do tend to go down, the costs of wages tend to go up faster.

All things being the same, I'll stand by my statement that the analysis and justification in this thread for deciding that the cost increase is unjustified is thin and flimsy at best.

For reference "because I said so" is never justification for anything.
I'd definitely have to agree with you on this point. It's hard to say what type of back end costs they have for their services. Sony might not have to charge the consumer more because they have could have higher license fees. No matter how you look at it there is going to be cost involved in providing the service, so somewhere along the line the consumers will pick up that cost. Could be from accessories, higher priced downloads, etc.

If you look at many other things (food, gas, cost of living, etc) in the last five years the cost has gone up much more than that, so it could just reflect the change in the economy.
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