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Default Re: [youtube] Bioshock first game play

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Default Re: [youtube] Bioshock first game play

Looks really good so far!

Can't wait!
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Default Re: [youtube] Bioshock first game play

Just saw this on gametrailers... First time in a long time that a game trailer has totally left me without words.

I seriously can't wait to play it but I think that the whole game play video shown is just so over the top scripted that there's no way that the actual game can live up to that epic of combat/scenarios unfolding in such awesome ways.

I obviously hope i'm proven wrong though. One thing I will admit is that the entire atmosphere they've created is jawdroppingly awesome.
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Default Re: [youtube] Bioshock first game play

offcourse its all conceptional. I guess that whole demo was scripted. Even gunning parts were. (Crosshair is a lie)

I thinks they made it that way to show a concept of the game. The target that is
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Default Re: [youtube] Bioshock first game play

Im pretty sure that the gameplay will be like that, I remember the very first Bioshock 1 gameplay video, and that they showed 2 different ways of doing things. There will be scipted moments, like in most games, but that doesnt mean that the game will rest liner. I restarted Bioshock 2 again the other night, saying to myself, I wisht that this one was already out
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