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Default Re: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PC)

Originally Posted by brady View Post
For anyone interested, AA works with the 260.63 beta drivers. You have to force it using nVidia's Control Panel as nHancer doesn't work with these drivers.
I'm running it with 8xSQ (mixed mode with SSAAA) via inspector and it looks awesome from time to time. It's a great game IMHO.
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Default Re: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PC)

the 30 fps cap needs to go. It gives me a headache to even play it.
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Originally Posted by General Lee View Post
Oh, if the whole world had only one neck for me to squeeze in my hands...
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Default Re: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PC)

I first tried playing this several months ago and I didn't get very far before getting annoyed and quitting. After playing a bit of TFU2 I came back to this. I tried my best to ignore the horrible menus and just play the game. There's alot of fun parts and alot of frustrating parts..

About a quarter of the way through I lowered the difficulty (not sure if it worked) and replayed parts of the first two levels to see if I could get some extra XP and crystals since I missed so many and was getting my ass handed to me by the junkyard boss. I'm sure I would have done alot better if I tried to remember all the combos I opened up through the game, but there's just so many it gets confusing and I just ended up sticking to 3 or 4 or mashing on the keys when things went bad.

The different lightsaber crystals were alright, nothing I thought was all that great except for the one that helps you block blaster shots and maybe the one that helps conserve force powers. I thought the color crystals were more interesting than the others and they don't enhance anything at all. I like the force powers in general, not a whole lot going on there.. Push, pull/grab, lightning, yadda. Force grab gave me problems through the whole game, I could never throw anything to go where I wanted it to go. Most of the time I was just tossing storm troopers and other enemies around and I didn't care where they ended up anyway.

The worst parts of the game for me were the boss battles. I'm cruising through the maps, really enjoying myself at times, and then the boss battle comes and all of a sudden the camera angle changes from the perfectly fine 360 degree view to some fixed location. It's like you're playing Mortal Kombat suddenly except you still have this large three dimensional area to fight on. I can't even count the number of times I tried to shoot my lightning at someone and I was shooting right past them because I wasn't properly lined up. Just about the only boss battle that made sense to me to have the fixed camera angle was the star destroyer since it's off in the distance. I spent about an hour and finally managed to beat that on my 4th or 5th attempt. The first few times I tried to do it in 3 or 4 waves but the nose of the destroyer was down so far I could never get it level again before the tie fighters had me down to a quarter of my health. So I tried again and got it down in only 2 pulls.. First I brought it down about a third of the way and the ship was still level. When I got the 2nd pull I just said screw it and ignored my health and the tie fighters and went crazy with the mouse and it came down. Man, what a pain in the ass. I don't understand why you need to level the ship out before bringing it down. Who cares what angle it comes down at? It's gonna end up scrap anyway. Horrible... That should have been an awesome scene, but it was way too difficult and frustrating. If I didn't get it that last time, I was going to quit and move on to TFU2.

What they should have done was a wave of tie fighters, pull it down (no alignment/angle adjustment), and repeat until the thing is gone. It didn't need to be a tough fight. I've been playing games for a long time, but that's gotta be one of the most frustrating things I've ever had to deal with. It totally sucked the fun out of the game.

Some of the dialog is a bit cheesy, but most of it's alright and the voice acting is good. Graphics and sound are good as well. The story seemed a bit disjointed to me... (spoilers) You're bad, then you're not so bad, then you're a Jedi. I just don't get that. It's like I missed out on chunks of game between every stage I played or cutscenes were missing from my cutscenes. Definitely not a smooth transition from the beginning to the end.

I don't know if I'll ever play this again... Probably not. If I do, I'm just going to use my current save and the mission select to start at the beginning and skip the star destroyer completely when I get there.
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Default Re: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PC)

I feel your pain with the Star Destroyer. ::

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