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Default Finished my Halloween gaming spree last night

Yeah, I know, a little late. I had a busy Halloween so I didn't get through all of the games I planned to.

Anyway, I had gotten away from gaming lately so I decided that this October I was going to go back and finish some of the Halloween-appropriate games that were sitting around feeling neglected. The first was Undying, which I had last played something like 3 years ago (according to the timestamp on my save). Overall I have to say I was a little disappointed - there's some really cool stuff in there, but it just feels off to me for some reason. I think part of it is the fact that there are some really old style game elements that just don't feel right these days, and from a technical perspective some things just didn't work for me. The lighting in some parts of the game was so messed up that I was supposed to be outside in broad daylight and was still having to use scrye to see because it was too dark. Really hurt the feel of some otherwise very cool locations. I realize that these complaints are not unexpected given that age of the game, but IMHO it didn't age very well. Also, the ending sucked since they clearly set up a sequel and then never got to make it.

Reading that paragraph I realize it sounds very negative, which isn't really what I was trying to get across. I did really like the way they used scrying to reveal things, and by and large I thought the characters were interesting. The locations were also very good, even if I did have trouble getting lost in the house sometimes for some reason. At least it was a cool place to get lost.

The other game I played (yeah, I only got through two) was Eternal Darkness. I actually restarted the game about halfway through because I missed the Mantorok rune on my first playthrough and didn't catch a lot of the subtleties of the story either. The second time through I pretty much followed a FAQ (word of advice: find a FAQ author who can actually write reasonably proper English. I tried using two grammatical disasters of FAQ's and they were both bad) and I'm glad I did. There were a few puzzles that I never would have gotten and a few that would have just frustrated the hell out of me otherwise, and I really don't enjoy that in a game.

I have to say I'm surprised this game doesn't come up more in the games as art discussion. The story is amazingly well written and the number of references between chapters makes the game world feel a lot more fleshed out than I'm used to. Not only do you read about the history of a place, but in many cases you actually played that history. When you throw in the magic system this game was really as good as advertised.

I had planned to play some more American McGee's Alice (I've already beaten it twice, but I had started playing through on the hardest difficulty) but ran out of time, so I am planning to play some more of that next year. I think I will also try to finish RE4 since I really liked that game but never finished it for some reason. I'm also tempted to go back to Doom 3, maybe with the RoE expansion, but I only have so much time.

So did anyone else do any Halloween-themed gaming?
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