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Default Help! "Fatal server error: no screens found" w/GF4 on both RedHat8.0 & Gentoo

Here's the deal: I'm a Linux MORON. But this is still kinda weird (well, at least to me):

I'm unable to get my GeForce4 Ti (as well as a GeForce3 I tested with) to work with Red Hat 8.0 or Gentoo's second (patched) 'Live CD' w/UT2k3 demo onboard.

I tried to see if updating RH would do the trick, but it tells me I'm already up to date.

Nvidia doesn't have a driver specific to this new kernel (-14, as opposed to -10), and I don't know what I need to do.

Hell, even if I did know what I need to do, I probably wouldn't know how to do it.

Somebody please help this fool out!
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1) uninstall your NVIDIA_GLX and NVIDIA_kernel, wait until nVidia puts up a version intended for -14, and reinstall, or

2) Download the .srpm and build it (make sure you have gcc, make, and kernel-source installed (kernel-source also needs to be configured)), or

3) Download the .tar.gz and build it (again, make sure you have gcc, make, and kernel-source, and that kernel-source is configured).

To configure kernel-source, you can probably just make oldconfig from inside /usr/src/linux after you've installed it.
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Default I wish I were knowledgeable enough to know what the hell you're telling me to do :)

Unfortunately, I',m not there yet... (but, I melted all my Windows software by putting the discs in a fishbowl - I'm totally serious here - and barbecuing 'em for 45minutes, until there was nothing left but bubbling polycarbonate goo, so it's Linux or bust!)
-Wallace, MCSE (f#ck Microsoft!)
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