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Default USB connect/disconnect sound and monitor blinking after start windows or game -GTX275

Hello all,

i have problem with my Gigabyte GTX275.
Almost everytime I start windows or game, the screen blink a couple of times and I hear connect/disconnect sound, that you hear when you plug or unplug an USB stick - but only immediately after desktop show up, or launching a game. After that, PC is working normally.

I am experiencing this from drivers version 200 (or early releases, I don't remember, but it is longer time). It has been very annoying and I am afraid that it could damage my monitor.

Monitor is connected via DVI->VGA reduction (you get it with most of new graphics cards) because my monitor (24" BenQ) does not have DVI. Can this be a problem? Doing the videocard some weird monitor detect, or something?

p.s. sorry for my english, i'm not native english speaker. :-)
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Default Re: USB connect/disconnect sound and monitor blinking after start windows or game -GT

The newer Nvidia drivers have an option to "clean" or remove all old drivers and install the new ones. Try that. Also, make sure you have a driver for your Benq. It may have trouble syncing or connecting to the monitor when changing resolutions.

You can also try another VGA/DVI cable or adapter. A bent bin could cause issues.

Lastly, trying updating your Direct X, which is updated several times a year. Look for dxwebsetup.exe from Microsoft and update Direct X.

Good Luck
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