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Default Change order of screens?

I submitted what I thought was a bug, and got this in response
This is the expected behavior:

[ 20.992] (WW) NVIDIA(1): The GPU driving screen 1 is incompatible with the rest of the
[ 20.992] (WW) NVIDIA(1): GPUs composing the desktop. OpenGL rendering will be
[ 20.992] (WW) NVIDIA(1): disabled on screen 1.
[ 21.174] (WW) NVIDIA(2): The GPU driving screen 2 is incompatible with the rest of the
[ 21.174] (WW) NVIDIA(2): GPUs composing the desktop. OpenGL rendering will be
[ 21.174] (WW) NVIDIA(2): disabled on screen 2.

This is documented in the README:

You can improve things by changing the order of the screens so that
screen 0 is on the GeForce 8400 GS, and then only the screen driven by
the GeForce 6150SE should be black.
OK fair enough, but after an hour or so of searching with Google I'm no closer on how to do what is required.

This seems very appropriate.

Here's a pastebin of my XCONF if someone can help me.

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