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Default Triplehead setup with compositing

I'd like to run 3 x 1920x1200 monitors with twinview + compiz.

If I understand correctly, SLI mosaic isn't supported on consumer cards so 2 gpus is a no go.

Would this be a good setup?
DVI1 -> Screen1 (1920x1200)
DVI2 -> TH2G (3840x1200) which outputs to Screen2 & 3

To AaronP (and other nvidia employees): is there a chance that any of the GF110 derivatives will be able to output to 3 monitors at the same time? It sucks that GTX580 can only do 2.
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Default Re: Triplehead setup with compositing

Originally Posted by Manbearpig View Post
Would this be a good setup?
DVI1 -> Screen1 (1920x1200)
DVI2 -> TH2G (3840x1200) which outputs to Screen2 & 3
A forum member called "dilzz" reported such a setup to basically work fine:

(check posting #31)

However, after upgrading his LCDs, one of the displays won't
go into sleep mode (DPMS) for yet unknown reason:


Seems to be some sort of compatibility issue between the TH2G and
the particular type of LCDs he is using.

Anyway, here are the standard reedings concerning TH2G with Linux:



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