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Default 8-bit Dithering on an 8-bit Panel


I recently upgraded from a 20" ViewSonic panel to a 27" Dell U2711. Upon looking in the NVIDIA X Server Setting program I was surprised to find that under GPU 0 => DFP-1 was a section on dithering.

Even more bizarre is that the dithering was set to a depth of 8bpc by default -- strange considering that the S-IPS panel in the monitor is itself 8-bit.

What is going on here? Why is dithering being used at all and why do none of my other 8-bit panels show similar controls?

Regards, Freddie.
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Default Re: 8-bit Dithering on an 8-bit Panel

The color lookup table on Quadro cards can hold more than 8 bits per channel, so the hardware will dither that down to 8-bit to improve color precision. On GeForce, the LUT has 8 bits per channel so I'm not sure why dithering is on automatically, but it shouldn't do anything when the bit depths match.
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