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Regarding my previous post, it was my fault, not nvidia's nvnet driver, I was having a problem related with one of my RJ45 connectors...

Now my nvnet nic is working flawlessly.
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I've tried nvnet with the new 2.4.22 kernel with and without ACPI support but nothing changed, I can ping but I can't access other hosts...

It's a shame, but I've had to install a 3Com network card to be able to work with my computer under linux...
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Old 10-14-03, 04:13 PM   #27
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Itīs the same here. Tried it with kernel 2.4.10 ,2.4.20,2.4.22
always the same just can ping !

Damn need all my PCI slots for other things !

Anyone got a message from nvidia about the problem ? Are they working on this ?

I donīt want to miss my NEW full featured VDR anymore

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Default ethernet no ping, apic, acpi

With nforce2 and VIA mboards I've seen the problem of ethernet driver loading OK but no ping. Both times this was hackable by turning mboard apic off, but the real fix was flashing with the latest bios, acpi on in linux kernel works fine.

Somebody upgraded their binary kernel package without installing a source or header package for that new kernel, and had an nforce2 ethernet module problem, fixed by installing a source or header package for the kernel number they upgraded to.

I'm sick of hearing tips "acpi=off" and "pci=noacpi" when acpi is great stuff and the need is to upgrade bios firmware and just possibly still use cmos apic off so linux can turn apic on, but in any case linux acpi and apic works.

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Default Driver problem ?


I have just experienced a similar problem with an Nforce 2 board and the nvnet driver (1.0-0261) : in the middle of a remote "apt-get update" (this machine is a .deb proxy), the network is suddenly down and no configuration (ifdown, ifup, ifconfig, rmmod, modprobe, etc.) could get it back working. Even a soft reboot did not solve my problem. I then discovered that the network card seemed to be in a strange state : the green light was constantly on (a good thing), but the orange one was constantly flashing at a very rapid pace. The only solution I have found so far is to shutdown and remove the power cord (there is not back power switch on my Shuttle SN45G) to reinitialize the card on reboot. Only after this, the orange led is constantly on (and not flashing) and the network is correctly configured.

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Default nv eth and kern-2.6-test7

The reason I didn't have nvidia vid card up for graphics on linux for more than a year was that there was no way to compile the modules for the latest kernels until now


If I had the juice at nvidia I would PayPal serious big bucks to the guy who hacked that. NOTE the time lag between that work getting done so we can have nvidia graphics on new kernels and WHEN we get the hack to compile nvidia ethernet and audio modules for latest kernels.

You'd think that a gamer-dependent company would understand the concept that the latest hardware and software is used by gamers and only ALLEGED to be "server-only hardware". What moron at nvidia has been thinking LONGER THAN TWO MINUTES that nvidia should develop drivers for "stable(ha ha ha)" kernesl, first or EVER?!

I remember paying $5000 for a 486DX with 16MB of RAM because it was the stone cold obvious ABSOLUTE BAREBONES MINIMUM required to run Win 3.0 for DESKTOP apps, but for YEARS that and EVERY new generation of cpu was heralded as "probably only for workstations for at least a year"...that has NEVER been true! Gamers always emptied the shelves--maybe somebody was just limiting supply to keep prices up!

Remember renting a rotary telephone from Ma Bell because you couldn't buy a phone there or anywhere else? They came in black, black,and black. Due to popular demand but without any linkage to popular specificity, they came in red and snot-yellow-green, but the red one was reserved for national security and the snot one was for GAMERS!

Admittedly the same marketing morons who claimed new hardware was only for servers for at least a year always claimed that the new hardware was also for multimedia apps. Multimedia apps such as teleconferencing always lagged games in sales, until after the marketing morons who set up Detroit to get knocked off by Japanese cars around 1970 fired. Then the new morons sold us dv boards and burners with NO LINUX DRIVERS!!!

Now there is a real multimedia market to combine with gamer demand for nvidia drivers for development kernels.

There were two forks of the marketers' tongue, new hardware would only be for servers for year(hazardous to health and only for certified adults!), while multimedia apps were around the corner. That went on for ten years.

Maybe it's inbred hereditary aristocracy?

I understand nvidia is working with linux kernel hackers to get the ethernet driver working in latest kernels, but what about audio? Why wouldn't a gamer-dependent company think gamers as cutting-edge people would want the latest kernel, latest nvidia card, latest everything?
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Iīve tried BIOS updates (My Board is from ASUS) too, but I still have the problem that ONLY ping works.

The other thing is ACPI(off in the Bios). I have to disable it in the kernel because Iīve got another PCI-Board whose driver donīt work together with ACPI (AVM DSL Card. They also have closed source driver)

But thatīs just my problem

Hope one day NVIDIA can learn from open source
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Ok Iīve got the solution for this problem.
Try another MAC address and all trouble goes away.

When you do ifconfig eth0 you see something like:
HWaddr 01:23:45:67:89:ab

This is wrong because this is an broadcast/multicast address.

So change it to maybe 00:02:03:04:05:06
with the command :

ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:02:03:04:05:06

after doing the modprobe or insmod.

This seems to be a BIOS bug. (Iīve to bug ASUS about it i think)

I only solved this because someone wrote the first open source driver to find under (this is alpha code !):

And they told me what to do.

Asked nvidia about it they newer answered. As you can see open source sometimes rulez

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