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Default GL, pthread and dlopen()

yes, I've read the README! I've seen the section about it, but, it doesn't work!

I've got a program that has '-lpthread' and also '-lmylibrary'
and mylibrary is using dlopen() and pthread functions and has '-lpthread -ldl'
mylibrary uses dlopen to load in plugins which are shared libraries.
one of those plugin libraries (libplugin_myGLX) has '-lpthread -lGL -lX11'
another one of those plugin libraries uses libxml2 (which is linked with pthread)

but it does not work (even though the plugin that uses libxml2 is loaded before the libplugin_myGLX .... and as a safeness I added almost everywhere -lpthread.

but it still does not work? (segfault in the first gl.... function...)

I use the 4363 version, because the 4496 does not work.
glibc version 2.3.2
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Default GL, pthread and dlopen()

same thing with my app

Tried with various kernel versions.
RH9, 2.6.0-test7,Ge Force GTS2,nvidia driver from minion.de

Even glxinfo segfaults.

Libs are installed ok.I've tried with tls and non-tls versions.

/var/log/Xfree86.0.log looks OK.
No errors.GLX is loaded fine.

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