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Default problems with 3 screens

i am using 3 screens with the 1.0-4496 driver on a GF4-4800se AGP with dual out and a TNT2 PCI.

In KDE everything works fine, but i cannot shift any open program from one screen to the next screen.
In gnome i have the problem, that whatever i open, it opens on screen0.

You can view my XF86Config at: http://klee.homelinux.net/xfree.html

Any ideas?


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I'm interested in trying to set up three screens myself. I tried it with a dual out GF4 and a non-nVidia card and I couldn't make X come up; I'll have to try and get hold of a PCI nVidia card and try that instead. I'll let you know how I get on.

Also, your dyndns.org address seems to be broken. Got another link for that Xfree86? I'd like to take a look at it.
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Looking at your config file, I see you have things set up for seperate xscreens. This is discussed in appendix r of the release notes. When configured like this it is not possible to drag windows between the different sessions.

Here is the the relevant part of appendix-r addressing the issue of moving (dragging) windows between xscreens when configured like this.

While there are several disadvantages to this approach as compared to
TwinView (eg: windows cannot be dragged between X screens, hardware
accelerated OpenGL cannot span the two X screens), it does offer several
advantages over TwinView:

In order to be able to drag windows between screens you would need to configure things to use twinview.

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