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Default Terrible tearing with 270.18

I am frustrated. I do not understand why tearing is such an ongoing struggle at Nvidia. I remember my joy when the "Sync to this display device" radio buttons were added to nvidia-settings. I thought all the terrible tearing issues were finally in the past. That was many years ago and I feel frustrated that tearing is still an issue. It is a huge PITA.

The last time I had tearing problems, it seemed that only the DFP monitor didn't tear so I swapped cables so my large monitor was on DFP and not CRT. Now it seems to be just the opposite. The CRT monitor doesn't seem to tear but the DFP does. The "Sync to this display device" radio buttons have been non-functional for quite some time.

I distinctly remember there were times in the past when tearing was not a problem. So unless I was hallucinating, it is technically possible to get rid of tearing in the nvidia-driver. I just don't understand why there seems to be constant regressions in video tearing. When Nvidia is having a bad tear day, I don't want to invite people over to watch movies at my house. It is embarrassing. Neither do I want to have to swap cables and futz around with xorg.conf and environment variables every time Nvidia updates the driver. It is also frustrating that the "Sync to this device" radio buttons seem to do nothing at all. Why is this such an ongoing struggle?

I will gladly donate a monitor, a dvd drive, a dvd, and an Nvidia graphics card to Nvidia so you can having someone check for tearing before you push a driver update out the door.
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Default Re: Terrible tearing with 270.18

Are you using VDPAU? Do you have VDPAU_NVIDIA_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE environmental varialble properly set?

When TwinView is enabled, the blit method can only sync to one of the display devices; this may cause tearing corruption on the display device to which VDPAU is not syncing. You can use the environment variable VDPAU_NVIDIA_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE to specify the display device to which VDPAU should sync. You should set this environment variable to the name of a display device, for example "CRT-1". Look for the line "Connected display device(s):" in your X log file for a list of the display devices present and their names. You may also find it useful to review Chapter 13, Configuring TwinView "Configuring Twinview" and the section on Ensuring Identical Mode Timings in Chapter 19, Programming Modes.
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