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Angry Readme and Installation


I'm trying to install the drivers on Redhat 9.0. I went to the downloads page and read the readme file. The Readme says that there is one unfied file to download (NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4499-pkg1.run).

Simple enough so far. I'm trying to follow the instructions. The page where I downloaded readme from (http://www.nvidia.com/object//linux_...amd64_1.0-4499)

does not have one unified drivers file to download but has a separate glx and kernel file.

The problem with this is that I've tried to get these drivers working with Linux before and it is a nightmare. I did suceed once but upgraded my graphics card and when I've tried again it just does not work. Not one to be detered I'm trying again but have encountered the above problem. Given the problems I've encountered and now this obvious contradiction between the readme and the download page I have no confidence in the information provided by NVIDIA.

That's all folks!
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Default NO other README

It seems that after they came up with the universal installer for I386 they deleted the original readme for the GLX and kernel files and didn't bother to write another one.

It also seems like they didn't even bother READING the readme file they were putting there because they would have noticed it was for the WRONG F@#^%ing installation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've sent multiple emails and posted multiple comments to them about this annoyance but nobody has deemed it proper to answer me.

As I have stated before, even to them without ever getting a reply...I wish I'd have chosen the ATI!
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Default Oh and by the way

I haven't succeeded in installing their drivers on ANY linux based AMD64 system yet (I've tried RH,SuSe and Mandrake).

I also haven't heard of a single person who succeded either. Hell by now I'm not even sure THEY successfully installed it themselfs...

Good luck...
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I downloaded the *99 drivers and they included some really cryptic instructions on modifications
to get it to work on Suse 9.0 for AMD64. I can't get any of this to work. It seems to be missing
nv_kernel.o when I do the build.

What a mess.
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