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Default Nvidia 3 monitor setup


I want to use my 3 monitors two connected to one GTS8800 card and one connected to 7100 card. Using Ubuntu 10.10

I have tried multiple setups no one seem to work ok.
3 screens with Xinerama - slow drawing of windows, lag when dragging them.
2 screens one with twinview - Twinview monitors maximize to both.
2 screens one with twinview and Xinerama - Twinview monitors maximize to both.
3 screens without xinerama - can't drag windows to other monitors, the 7100 card has problems drawing after a few days. windows are black.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to use to get this to work?
I want to have compiz working on all screens, and be able to drag apps across monitors.
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Default Re: Nvidia 3 monitor setup

There is a solution posted (and others linked to) in this thread.

Edit:If you do a Google(fake xinerama) you will find at least two versions of xinerama.c that have been patched to let you set the xinerama coordinates manually. These have worked for a lot of people and should work for you if your version of the xorg server is close enough to the versions they used.
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Default Re: Nvidia 3 monitor setup

Note that the solution will NOT work for Compiz. Compiz requires the Composite X extension, which is incompatible with Xinerama. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xinerama
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