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Default 270.29 doesn't work with Fn+F5 to switch monitors

I am using the alpha of Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop and switching to a external monitor doesn't work as it has always worked on old versions.

Under old versions I could plug in a hdmi cable and hit Fn+F5 to cycle to the hdmi output in clone then again to be just hdmi but under these new drivers that doesn't work anymore. The hdmi is not even used if plugged in during boot time.

To get it to work I have to do the following steps which is a lot compared to a quick button combo.

1: Open Nvidia Settings
2: hit the "Detect displays" button (even if it was plugged in at boot)
3: Choose the right model in the drop down menu (now that it sees DFP-2)
4: Configure it as TwinView
5: Set position as Clone
6: Apply the settings
7: Confirm the change works

Will my fn+f5 start working again with a new driver version? Also in the short term how can I make that into a shell script to change the settings faster without making them permanent since I only use hdmi when watching a movie and that is not often.
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