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Default Re: HDMI capture device that can capture HDCP encrypted sources?

Originally Posted by jalyst
I think these 3 can all be ruled-out, because as far as I can tell...
None support reading/capturing any of the incoming DD/DTS formats?
This leaves the Colossus, CaptureX, MonsterXX, or the Analogue capture cards.
I've asked Skydigital (CaptureX) questions similar to this:
Based on feedback I've now gathered from all OEM's...
I'm going to try makes/models in the following order, if the prior make/model turns-out to be unsuitable etc.

(1) Colossus (Hauppauge)
(2) CaptureX (Skydigital)
(3) Semi-Pro soundcard (exact make/model YTBD, suggestions welcome!)

(4) Delta ? (M-Audio: one of their cheaper PCI/e multich analog capture cards)
(5) Pegasus (GrassValley: no HDMI-in DD/DTS but it does support 8ch LPCM, the main reason it stays on the list)
(6) MX02 family (Matrox: external & no DD/DTS support, but there may be other redeeming qualities, YTBC)

It's not clear if the MonsterXX's audio specs will be suitable.
SKnet (Japan) explained that they won't release them for at least one more month.

Intensity Pro (Blackmagic) audio specs don't look suitable.
The Shuttle's better & perhaps more suitable than the Pegasus (uses newer HDMI), but it's external (USB3).
So for now Blackmagic's products are "off my radar" entirely.

If anyone feels the order should be different, please let me know why!

Thanks again.
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