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Default Ordered a monitor, got a television

Guys, here is a humorous story. I ordered a ZR30w monitor from Provantage. As this is a thirty inch monitor, a person had to sign for the delivery. Unfortunately, my poor wife had to wait around for an eternity to sign for it while I was at work. I think she was so disgusted that when the guy showed up....with a 55 Sony Bravia LED....she did not even question him.

So I get home an lo and behold Provantage had sent me this Bravia with a shipping insert that clearly states it is the ZR30W HP monitor. For a second, I was laughing and considered keeping it as it, but my conscious got the better of me. I emailed Provantage and essentially told them to give me a phenomenal deal on the Bravia (i.e. near dealer cost) and bill my card the difference. If they do not play, I am having them send me a shipping label and returning it (BTW...going to put it on my porch and leave the return guys to pick it up...I am not waiting). Also, since it has been over two weeks and I was really looking forward to the monitor, I am going to have them reimburse my credit card for the original monitor cost, so they will essentially lose money on the deal anyway.

What do you guys think? I have yet to hear back from Provantage as it just occurred last night.
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Keep it. Karma hasn't worked for me in life. I'm not so sure it exists. I found 2 GPS devices on the street i decided to be nice and i found the home address and called the people to notify them it was theirs and when they came to pick it up, the guy sends a worker of his to pick it up. He doesn't have the decency to come pick up his GPS. That was a big slap in the face.
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Default Re: Ordered a monitor, got a television

Alpo is talking about his life and he is just a kid

I think you did the right thing by trying to contact them about their mistake. Give them a chance to respond, and then take it from there.
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