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Default Re: Camparison of MS Flight Simulator 98 through the new MS Flight

Q and A on MS Flight from PC Pilot Mag.....

Q1: Has Microsoft Flight been designed completely from the ground up or does it include elements from FSX?

A1: Microsoft.....we're building from the ground up focusing on the "purist" simmer as well as a larger range of people with varied interests in aviation....we will take advantage of the expertise and existing elements of the existing FS code base and architecture where it fits...

Q2: You mentioned a 'New Performance Attitude'. Can you elaborate?

A2: Microsoft......previous approach to performance was to maintain a long life over a five-year period (time enough for simmers to go thru two or more computers). This approach was seen as a benefit, until now. The side affect was that no PC could run it with the settings maxed out at product introduction. The new goal is to provide a fantastic experience "out of the box" on the first day......on your current computer.

Q3: Will Microsoft Flight include multi-player mode?

A3: Microsoft.....Absolutely....we will enhance both the individual and social aspects of Flight. The existing multi-player mode was great for some players, but confusing and frustrating for others. We continue to look for support from organizations and communities who provide enjoyment to many, as well as Microsoft adding more value to a broader flier base.

Q4: Will there be an opportunity for third-parties to produce products for Microsoft Flight?

A4: Microsoft...we are creating the tools and facilities to enable external content to all users.....we recognize we can't do it all!!! At the heart of the new approach is a new integrated marketplace....and we are not ready to reveal the full details on this new concept yet. The basic idea is to make the entire user base more aware of all the third party applications as only a small percentage of the total user base are currently aware of all these add-ons. The goal is to empower the entire user base to pick and choose from this vast number of products available to them.
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Default Re: Camparison of MS Flight Simulator 98 through the new MS Flight

Sounds like some good stuff!
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Default Re: Camparison of MS Flight Simulator 98 through the new MS Flight

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
Yeah Flight sounds much better now compared to the earliest info they put out a long time ago.
I was also afraid that it'll just be a casual/console version of their flight sim products.

But the latest news sound great, seems like a worth successor to FSX
QFT. Sounds a LOT better than what they were originally trying to pitch.
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