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thanks people. I finally got it up and running. The problem was actually a wrong rpm. I downloaded the correct kernel-source-<whatever> and everything went smoothly. Now I have some modem problems but that belongs to another forum.

Thanks to everyone
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Default same thing, but more

this is kind of funny, ive basically done THE EXACT same thing, and have been trying to troubleshoot the same problems.
however, i have added another variable.
i edited my XF86Config-4 (right one, i checked), and changed the "nv" to "nvidia" and all that, so then i proceeded to try and install, with the same messages. now that i know the solution to the problem (installing the source rpm), i was wondering how i could do this without starting X. could you tell me the FTP of this package, and also how to install an RPM in the terminal.
how i could edit my XF86Config and change "nvidia" back to "nv" so that i could hop on the internet and download these through a browser. im somewhat new to linux, and just plain dont know the command line to edit a file like that.
any other suggestions would be appreciated!
thank you
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Two very simple to use text editors for command line are 'joe' and 'pico'. However, I would suggest instead that you use vi, which will actually be vim on most linuxes because it is a much more powerful tool. (here's a tutorial for vim, but there are others to google if this one doesn't explain what you need: http://www.apmaths.uwo.ca/~xli/vim/vim_tutorial.html )

vi /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
use arrows to go to the line to edit
push 'w' to go to the front of the next word until you get to 'nvidia'
type 'cw' to change that word, typing nv in its place
push 'esc' to exit insert mode
now type 'ZZ' to save and exit

The above commands should NOT have the single quotes, those just make the actual command stand out, the case is important, those are capital ZZs.

Your other option, is find the correct link to the source RPM from another computer, (I don't know your kernel version, can't link you), then use the wget program.

cd <directory to put the file in>
wget http://link-to-the-file

and then install it using rpm command line:
rpm -ivh kernel-source-version.rpm

(make sure to replace the version in the rpm command with the exact filename)
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Default woohoo! shazbot!

thanks so much guys, that completely worked as planned.
i just edited the x86config-4 out of x, downloaded and installed the RPM, and installed the driver without any problems! it compliled smoothly.
hehe.....and im using those hip new leaked 4620 drivers. give them a try, they work great for me.
thanks again!
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