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Default Video problems (Fullscreen video & WoW)

Hello, first time posting here, I'm using Ubuntu, I have the Nvidia Geforce 6150 LE card and I'm having several problems.

First, whenever I try to go to fullscreen mode on any video on any website, be it youtube or others, I get a blank white screen, even though the sound is still there. The video works perfectly when not in fullscreen. I am using the latest firefox. I have already tried the option of disabling hardware acceleration, I have updated all my players, etc.
The thing is that on my "Additional Drivers" window in Ubuntu I have two options:
-Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 173)
-Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version current) [Recommended]
The second one is, I believe, the version 270.41.19 driver.
When I am using the first driver, I have no problems with fullscreen. When I am using the second one, which is supposedly the most current one, I get the blank screen.'

My second problem:
I have installed WoW (World of Warcraft) on Ubuntu using the program Wine.
My monitor is 1600x900, but whenever I open WoW, it forces me to go to 1024x768 and when I try to change the settings to 1600x900, it turns to a blank white screen, again, with sound.
I have been told that this is because my Geforce 6150 card is not enough to run WoW in 1600x900 mode, however, it worked perfectly fine when I was doing it in Windows, from which I have just recently switched.
I would really appreciate any help with this.
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