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Post Intel unveils 50-core maths co-processor card

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Default Re: Intel unveils 50-core maths co-processor card

From the article:

Intel believes it has the edge in this battle, however, as it says it will be easy for people to use their existing tools when programming for its x86-based MIC processors.
And Intel continues to show they just don't get it. People in the supercomputer world this brick, along with Nvidia's Tesla series, is aimed at aren't interested at how fast they can get something up and running or how easy they tools are. They are mainly interested in how fast things do run. They buy these things for the processing speed. Not the ease of use. If people bought things for ease of use, then everyone would be running Intel while Sun and IBM would never have existed.

The key will lie in performance. If the performance is there, then ease of tools will be icing on the cake; people will use this and perhaps a lot of people will use it. Otherwise, it will only be used in some speciality shops within the financial industry or some other such place.
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Default Re: Intel unveils 50-core maths co-processor card

welli t seems like one could just drop it in, install drivers and it will automaticly run. no additional programing needed. this would be perfict for some older applications that dont support gpgpu and componys that dont have the budgit to upgrade them.
aside from that possablity this is a dumb idea from intel. any new applications will designed for cuda or C++ to run off of GPGPUs. Intel six core CPUs future 12 core CPUs, and multi CPU motherboards have rendered this obsolite. although if it provides a decent floting point for the power it just might sucseed. PCI-E spec is 300 watts max... so this might be the alternate to big multi cpu systems. have 1 cpu, this, and several GPGPUs. Im going to wait for more info before i dissmiss this.
although, if they relese a version with fewer cores or this is really cheep i would buy it because it would addelerate adobe premere elements where as a gpgpu wont because PE isnt programed for it.
unless the student version and a midrange gpgpu is cheeper then this of cource
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