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Question Reccomend dual DVI cards

It's a real PitA finding a reasonable dual-DVI card. I'm after something to go in a new PCIe system (finally retiring an AGP 5700FX)

Simple requirements:
  • 2x1080p DVI output
  • General Linux desktop use, no games, at most compiz and 1080p video
  • Ideally fanless (although I think I might have to give up on this desire)
  • Not stupidly expensive

It seems that most of the cards out there are DVI+VGA only. There are some that have DVI+HDMI, can I use them (with an adapter) or will the DRM junk in the HDMI spec stop things?
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Default Re: Reccomend dual DVI cards

What's a "reasonable" card to you?

Often times your best bet is going to be an older (used) gaming card if you want dual DVI out. Cards like a GTS 250, 8800, 9800 are reasonably easy to find still and reasonably cheap to purchase.

I purchased a GTS 250 a year ago for $90 and am actually looking to sell it now because it's been replaced with a much faster card. It had dual dvi out though and was great while I used it
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Default Re: Reccomend dual DVI cards

Well to close the story; I took a punt on a cheap fanless Geforce 210 card[0][1] (DVI+HDMI+VGA) and found out that, yes, the HDMI port will work happily alongside the DVI port.

Didn't even take much fiddling with xorg.conf. So I'm very happy.

[0] Asus EN210 Silent, if anybody cares
[1] I guess this takes it off topic for this sub-forum
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