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Default Graphics Card for Linx

Hi All - New here!!
I've just built a new computer with an Intel DG41WV MBD and I'm using Linux Mint 9 KDE. All is fine except for the graphics. The screen does not refresh correctly and I need to force it to display correctly. Intel do not support this MBD for Linux!!

Therefore I want to fit a Nvidia Graphics card to replace the on-board video set. I'm NOT a gamer or do any Viodeo Graphics. I just need everyday graphics.

What Nvidia card can you recommend please?

Thanks a lot.
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Default Re: Graphics Card for Linx

What are your budget and noise/cooling preferences?

There are just too many cards in the market so advising one without knowing your needs and preferences is kinda pointless.
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Default Re: Graphics Card for Linx

Hi, judging from my experience with Nvidia hardware and Linux drivers, I recommend you better look at the competition. Nvidia is probably still best for OpenGL on Linux. But plain desktop use has been more than problematic for the Nvidia hardware I own(ed). OTOH, the AMD GPU doesn't make half as much problems (certainly not problem-free, though).
If you're into gaming it's a bit different, but for mostly 2D, Nvidia on Linux really is a bad choice.
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Default Re: Graphics Card for Linx


How many displays do you like to attach at which resolution(s)?

If you just like to attach a single display at <=1920x1200, then any
cheap passively cooled card should do it. And since there are
very few GPU demanding games available for Linux, even 3D
should work decently fine in many cases (i.e. Google Earth
might be interesting 3D application for non-games).

As for the driver quality, I can't second V|r's opinion: I'm using
a 560Ti up to 12 hours per day and didn't had any issues recently
(i.e. Firefox, Emacs, Totem, UT2K4, X-Plane, AeroFly). Sure, there
are some pit falls, like you need to disable HW acceleration in the
Firefox Adobe Flash plugin.

However, I need to point out that I'm using fvwm2 as WindowManager,
so I don't know how good or bad the nvidia driver behaves for Gnome
or KDE.


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