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Henry Prins
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Default Latest Drivers

Okay I happen to like nvidia and have purchased multiple cards that I have been using.. One of them is a G-Force 3 ti-500 (pny) card. When I started using linux I was told to download the drivers from your website, they worked great at first, then I started having problems. For some reason after installing one of the updated drivers, X-windows started taking over 2-3 mins to boot up, which in the past only took about 10 seconds. Talking to this area, everyone that replied attributed these problems with my X configuration, so I spent weeks trying to debug it and finally went back to an earlier driver and it worked again.. Reciently I started playing a new game on my Win-slows 2000 machine and moved the card over to it. I installed another card in my windows system reconfigured the system slightly and everything worked GREAT. Installed the driver that was giving me problems with the ti-500 on my x-windows machine and everything STILL worked great. after a month of playing the game, I was getting a few video lag problems and thought I might upgrade the driver and smooth things out, so I just installed the "latest" nvidia driver for my win-slows2000 and my computer just took me over 15mins to boot up. While trying to simply right click the nvidia icon in the services area (the bottom right hand corner) it took about 2 mins just to give me the drop down option list. If I then exit from the nvidia control panel everything returns to normal (untill the next re-boot, which with windows happens quite often) I tried to revert back to a prior version I still get the same problem. Now I know this is not a windows development area, I only bring this up here because this is the same thing that happened with this card on the linux driver and might lead to a solution for both, please help.
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When changing your driver versions, whether upgrading or downgrading, it is crucial to remove all files related to the driver while they are not being used. Failure to do so, while perhaps expedient and usually successful can lead to very odd behavior. I mention this as a suggestion becuase I know especially in the Windows environment the extra effort to disable and remove the drivers often isn't taken.. yes even by me. Its one possibility to look into.

There was a recent release, sometime last year, that caused a very delayed X startup on many machines, if not MOST machines. I've forgotten the release that was, but it was soon replaced, 41xx perhaps. In that instance it probably wasn't your configuration.
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All I know about windows is that on some motherboard chipsets you have to be very careful in wich order you install drivers

In linux though there has been a few driver versions with that particular problem for some. Although I'm not aware of any such problems on the two newest drivers 4496 and 4620(Beta). So trying to upgrade to either of those might help.

Otherwise I suggest you post your XFree86.0.log if it still occurs so that someone might help you figure the problem out

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